So, what does Global Telecom Solutions do in a nutshell?
  • Global Telecom Solutions(GTS) is a telecommunication/cloud services firm that helps businesses nationwide choose the best telecom solutions. GTS partners with more than 30 service providers and has access to data centers across the globe, enabling GTS to create best-of-breed telecom network solutions for businesses of all sizes. Once a business is a client of GTS, it will also receive free, award-winning customer service for all telecom related service issues. Our clients find this one of the top reasons they continue to use GTS, even as the carrier solutions may change from time to time.

Why is it better to use GTS?
  • Global Telecom Solutions has access to the best pricing and promotions from all service providers. So, it is a “one stop shop” that can evaluate telecom carriers and review a variety of telecom options at the same time. Additionally, it is the customer service AFTER the service provider has been selected that truly separates working with GTS instead of calling a list of carriers or contacting them online for a quote. No contracts are ever signed with GTS--- the only contracts our customers sign are direct with the service providers.

Do customers notice a difference working through GTS rather than working directly with a service provider?
  • Only in a good way….the phone, internet, or data bills still come directly from the service provider to the customer. The difference is in the extra layer of support that is provided at no charge by Global Telecom Solutions. Rather than having to call a carrier and wait on hold for long periods just for basic account changes, customer service, or trouble shooting, our customers simply call us at 313-371-9440 and have our friendly staff quickly get projects moving and/or resolve issues.

Can GTS provide quotes outside of the region?
  • Yes. We have many national carriers and vendor partners. Please Contact Us.

Can GTS help with new service or existing service?
  • Both. From blue prints to total reconfiguration of a LAN, GTS can help to make sure that your company is receiving prompt service and the best pricing available for your project needs.