Sample Projects

Here are a few examples of how GTS has been able to assist several companies:

  • Remote Access Solution

In a major metropolitan area, there is no shortage of service providers ready to offer businesses anything and everything that has to do with telecom.

But, in a remote area, it is sometimes hard to find even ONE service provider. That was the case for one of our clients. Located in a remote area approximately 60 miles north of Detroit, this potential client was in desperate need of Internet bandwidth for its employees. The business turned to GTS to find a solution after all of its existing contacts were unable to find an answer.

Within 48 hours, GTS was able to deliver a wireless satellite solution that was not only cost-effective, but also offered this client a month-to-month solution since the business was seasonal--a perfect fit for the business. The client was elated to be able to stay at its beautiful office in the countryside AND have the technology necessary to perform effectively.

  • Bid Process – Multiple Vendors

Consistent with the reasons that GTS went into business in the first place, it is our belief that competition in the market place is always good. That is why we try to provide our clients with at LEAST two project bids, usually more. This allows our clientele to get a full view of just how much leverage can be had in the industry. In addition, it further emphasizes the fact that GTS wants what is best for its customers.

Recently, GTS assisted a large law firm in a multi-faceted project, each with multiple vendors. Specifically, GTS was able to provide the following in less than five (5) business days:

  • Phone hardware – GTS gathered four (4) potential hardware solutions to replace the existing phone system. All quotes came from local companies with proven track records and references. All four quotes included different phone manufacturers, providing the client with many hardware and payment options.

  • Point to Point Network – In order to properly transfer data between office locations, the client wanted to explore the use of a point to point network. The first thing GTS did was to contact a vendor and have a data specialist come out and explain the product to the customer, alleviating any misnomers the customer may have had. Once the customer was educated, GTS was able to provide five (5) potential solutions and price quotes making the research and analysis much easier.

  • Local and long distance telephony analysis – The customer was amazed at how much had changed since the last contract for voice services was signed. GTS was able to offer the customer five (5) competitive quotes, with potential savings of over 60% that totaled more than $20,000 per year.

  • Project Management – Cost Reduction

While GTS does virtually all quotes and customer assistance at no charge, some of our clients use GTS as outsourced project management for a fee.

For example, a large client that has 42 office locations in the State of Michigan knew it was spending too much money, but the problem was too complicated. GTS was asked to develop potential solutions.

The result – GTS recommended a monthly meeting with the company’s IT staff to discuss current systems and expenditures, in order to demonstrate where GTS was able to eliminate costs from the previous month (i.e. disconnected phone lines, unnecessary taxes and tariffs, "rack rates", etc.). Not only did the company save over $10, 000 in billing expenditures in the first six (6) months, but it also was able to use GTS at a fraction of what it would have cost to hire a full-time professional to manage the account.