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What makes Global Telecom Solutions different?

Global Telecom Solutions has well over 2500 existing clients with a retention rate of more than 95%. We believe that GTS’s dedication to customer service and prompt response time are major factors in our five-fold growth in monthly sales since we began the business in 2002. Whether it is providing a one-stop, no fees shopping experience, delivering live customer support, establishing rural service or generating significant savings, GTS and our network of more than 50 providers give customers choices.

Global Telecom Solutions is the logical first step for any business telecom issue. We believe that competitive bidding ultimately cuts customer costs. That is why we provide our clients with at least two project bids, usually more. We can assist with every telecom concern, regardless of the service provider or issue. Our staff will immediately take action that will save you time, improve efficiency, and help keep you focused on your business. AND we provide nearly all of these services at no charge.

We also believe that it is the customer service after the provider has been selected that truly separates GTS from its competitors. Rather than having to call a carrier and wait on hold for long periods of time for basic account changes, customer service, or trouble shooting, GTS customers simply call the GTS service center to talk to one of its friendly staff and quickly get projects moving and/or issues resolved. Whether it is a simple question or advice on how to get an emergency phone line installed quickly, GTS assists with every telecom concern, regardless of the service provider or issue. The GTS staff immediately takes action that saves time, improves efficiency, and keeps customers focused on their business instead of on telecommunication issues.

Telecom Consulting and Cost Analysis

GTS is a master agent for a vast array of telecom providers. Our partners include all the leading carriers—AT&T, Comcast Business, etc. We will handle all of the details: analyzing your situation, getting you the right equipment and configurations, trouble-shooting any issues and getting you the best cost.

We can help you with: 

  • Phone Issues

Local and VoIP Phone Service
Domestic and International Long Distance
Toll Free Service
Conference Calling
Hosted Voice, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail

  • Internet

High Speed Access
Wireless Service
Email Service
Web Hosting

  • Network Services


  • Cloud and Collocation Solutions
  • Disaster / Back Up /Recovery Services
  • Project Management