LAN / WAN Network Design

At the heart of our product offerings is our ability to provide both objective and subjective analysis of the carrier options available to your business.

This is a critical component to the selection of how your business operates and communicates.  Direct sales agents, in most instances, are always going to state their solution is the best since that is the only one they can offer.  GTS has the ability to start with an unbiased, objective approach to research and analyze all network options--not only service providers, but also solution design.

Is a layer 2 or layer 3 solution a better fit? What is the best way to achieve network redundancy? How can this business add internet speed without adding costs? Who is going to help support us if we need multiple carriers and multiple service offerings?  All great questions, and all things GTS does all day, every day.  It is our mission to become an integral business partner to our clients.  Service providers and technology are constantly changing, but Global Telecom Solutions can be the constant that keeps your network working at optimal efficiency and at optimal costs.